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Bike Doctor Android

Our iPhone app has had over 5000 downloads. Now it’s the turn of Android!

device25 of the most common bike repairs in your pocket

Bike Doctor for the Android is launching with 24 repairs. We’ve already added a few more and disk brakes will be next.

  • The repairs that will save you money – such as cleaning and lubricating your bike
  • The repairs that you’ll inevitably have to do – such as puncture repairs (usually occur on rainy days in the middle of nowhere)
  • The repairs that you’ll be amazed you can do yourself – such as indexing gears


Easiest bike maintenance manual you’ll ever own

Bike Doctor not only costs a fraction of a bike maintenance book and is 1/8th of the size but it’s also easier to follow:

  • Clear colour pictures for every step
  • Short, jargon-free description of what to do


screenA bike mechanic in your pocket at all times

Because problems with bikes don’t just occur when you’re at home with easy access to the internet.


Save a ton of money as soon as you do your first repair

Even doing a simple repair such as fixing a puncture means you can save £10 – £20 on bike shop costs. On the more advanced repairs that figure is even higher. What will you spend the extra cash in your pocket on?


Good for beginners and professionals

Even the bike repair pro’s out there can occasionally forget a few repair details. This app is great for quick reference.


Grab the Android app now!

Just £2.99 ($4.78) – Simply search the Android Marketplace for Bike Doctor or use the qrCode below:


Of course there is also the iPhone version!

Dreaming of version 2

It’s early days still for the Bike Doctor iPhone app but we’re already dreaming of version 2.

The number 1 most requested feature so far is to port the App over to the Android. Therefore if you are an Android developer please do get in touch!

Here’s some more ideas we’ve been given or were working on:

  • Bike safety check that you can do before every ride
  • A monthly bike maintenance schedule that can automatically be added to your calendar/push notifications
  • More repairs
  • More roadie repairs – Staring with taping the handlebars and brake replacement
  • An iPad version?
  • Quiz that helps you discover the problem with your bike
  • “On the road” repair tips if you don’t have all your tools with you
  • Way of keeping track of the maintenance you have done
  • More languages (German, Chinese, Greek etc..)