Bike Doctor iPad splash screen

Bike Doctor coming to an iPad near you..

The year is 2013. Lots of people own iPads and lots of people ride bikes. Those bikes needs to be maintained.

Introducing Bike Doctor iPad!

Bike Doctor iPad splash screen

Drum! Drum! Drum!

In the next week or two pending Apple’s approval, all users of Bike Doctor 2 will be receive a free copy of Bike Doctor iPad. All you need to do is download it from the app store.

Why is the new version so epic?

  • Looks sexy
  • You can search for repairs
  • The images are bigger and clearer so you can see the detail more clearly
  • We’ve added buy buttons so you can easily grab any tools you are missing
  • The app is a joy to use (you’ll see when you download it!)

Also, we’ll be giving away access to a set of bike maintenance videos we’ve filmed. For the giveaway, I filmed this little video that will be appearing inside the app. Here it is, in all its outtake glory:

I had to film this about 50 times to get it right – I’m not a big fan of talking in to a camera┬álens!

Many of the upgrades you see in the iPad version will eventually make their way in to the iPhone version too.

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