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Bike Doctor voted best for fixing bike


We were voted “Best for fixing your bike” in London Cyclist magazine Xmas 2010.

Thanks guys! The text:

Few of us are organised enough (or we’re too much like weight weenies) to carry a maintenance manual in our panniers, but now you don’t have to. Using photos and text, this neat little app walks you through over 20 repairs. Most of them – such as truing a wheel or replacing disc brake pads – aren’t things you’d do in an emergency (punctures are an exception), but for under a couple of quid Bike Doctor is a mine of information for those days when your bike’s crocked and you’re stuck on the bus.

Let your friends know when you’ve successfully completed a repair: Bike Doctor can now Tweet your repair!

twitter-setup-bike-doctorWe’ve added Twitter support to Bike Doctor iPhone.

All you need to do to use it is update to the latest version from app store and then head to the settings screen to enter your Twitter details.

Once you’ve completed a repair (hitting done on the final screen) you will be prompted if you want to Tweet your repair.

We hope you like this new functionality and we’ll also look into adding it to the Android version.

Next up: More repairs!

Bike Doctor mentioned on TreeHugger and elsewhere!

We’re getting plenty of great coverage at the moment of Bike Doctor. Here’s a quick shoutout to the guys that are mentioning us..

bike-doctor-on-tree-hugerTree Hugger

If you find yourself stuck, facing a repair that you are not quite sure how to complete, help is instantly at hand:

"You load up the app. Tap the part of your bike with a problem and follow the step by step instructions. In under 10 minutes you’re good to go and you make it home in time, just before the rain starts coming down."

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Bike Doctor Android

Our iPhone app has had over 5000 downloads. Now it’s the turn of Android!

device25 of the most common bike repairs in your pocket

Bike Doctor for the Android is launching with 24 repairs. We’ve already added a few more and disk brakes will be next.

  • The repairs that will save you money – such as cleaning and lubricating your bike
  • The repairs that you’ll inevitably have to do – such as puncture repairs (usually occur on rainy days in the middle of nowhere)
  • The repairs that you’ll be amazed you can do yourself – such as indexing gears


Easiest bike maintenance manual you’ll ever own

Bike Doctor not only costs a fraction of a bike maintenance book and is 1/8th of the size but it’s also easier to follow:

  • Clear colour pictures for every step
  • Short, jargon-free description of what to do


screenA bike mechanic in your pocket at all times

Because problems with bikes don’t just occur when you’re at home with easy access to the internet.


Save a ton of money as soon as you do your first repair

Even doing a simple repair such as fixing a puncture means you can save £10 – £20 on bike shop costs. On the more advanced repairs that figure is even higher. What will you spend the extra cash in your pocket on?


Good for beginners and professionals

Even the bike repair pro’s out there can occasionally forget a few repair details. This app is great for quick reference.


Grab the Android app now!

Just £2.99 ($4.78) – Simply search the Android Marketplace for Bike Doctor or use the qrCode below:


Of course there is also the iPhone version!

Version 1.0.2 of Bike Doctor

We’ve submitted version 1.0.2 to Apple for approval:

Here is the list of fixes:

– Added Road Brake Pad replacement tutorial
– Added Mountain Bike Mechanical Disc Brake Pad replacement tutorial
– Should install and run on OS versions 3.1.2  and later (please email support if you find this not to be the case)
– Minor fixes (content and code)
We’ve responded to the overwhelming amount of people who emailed us about Disc Brake repairs and have added this first one. Plenty more are still to come..

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