Bike Doctor 2.0 – get it while it’s hot!

We’ve got some pretty big news today. Bike Doctor 2.0 has been added to the App store. The original Bike Doctor is going to be retired at the end of this month. You need to search the app store for Bike Doctor 2 and get the new version while it is free to download!

Eh? Who? What? Why? When? Oh? Uh? Boing?

Yep, I know it’s a little confusing. Why not just update the old copy of Bike Doctor?

The old copy of Bike Doctor is on Ron Forresters App Store account. Ron no longer wishes to be part of Bike Doctor as he’s busy with a lot of other projects (That’s what happens when you are an awesome developer who is in demand).

Therefore, we need to move Bike Doctor out of his account and safely in to mine. Unfortunately, there isn’t a capability within the app store to simply transfer users over.

Hence why we’ve released a new version of the app that’ll be free for a few days only to give all our users a chance to move across. Then, we’ll be bumping the price back up to the normal level.

How do you get the new copy?

Search the app store for Bike Doctor 2 or follow this link:

Is this good news or bad news?

Good news! With the app in my account I’ll be able to issue really frequent updates. For a start I’ve got a target of hitting 40 repairs in Bike Doctor by August the 16th. My birthday!

Also, I’m going to be focusing on bringing a new design to Bike Doctor as I’m not a fan of the old one. The new look should be very cool and make you want to use the app to repair your bike more than ever!

What can I do to help?

That’s very nice of you! Please grab the new copy of Bike Doctor and leave a review in the app store.

When are the updates coming?

Well, my birthday is August the 16th, so by then we’ll have added a load more repairs. The new version already has instructions for how to prevent a puncture and we’ve got instructions for how to bleed disk brakes which we’ll be adding now and sending off to Apple for them to give it the thumbs up!

Get Bike Doctor 2.0 now while it’s free – thanks!

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