First press and blog mentions come flying in!

Road Cycling UK

“A new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Bike Doctor is intended as the equivalent of having a bike mechanic in your pocket ready to spring to action whenever it’s needed.”

Cycle maintenance iPhone App

Bike Rumor

“Today, our friend Andreas at London Cyclist released a new iPhone app, Bike Doctor 1.0. Developed to help you diagnose what ails your bike, you simply click on the location of the problem on your bike (brakes making funny noises, broken spoke, punctured inner tube, etc.) and it guides you through the process of fixing it.”

New iPhone App Diagnoses and ‘Treats’ Your Bike

London Cyclist

“The Bike Doctor App basically shows you how to maintain your bike (similarly to my free eBook).”

London Cyclist releases an iPhone App

“A new iPhone app from the blogger behind the London Cyclist Blog aims to take the pain out of bike maintenance for cyclists on the move by given a step-by-step guide to repairs that its creator says “even a beginner can follow.”

London Cyclist Blogger launches new iPhone App

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