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The end of squeaky brakes

From replacing a gear cable, to truing a wheel and bleeding disk brakes. All the common bike repairs are covered, but Bike Doctor goes beyond that. There are also additional guides that show you how to avoid the most common maintenance errors, how to stop bike squeaks and prevent punctures. With Bike Doctor you’ll never […]

Never more than a few taps away

Bike Doctor works on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. Whether you are pedalling down a mountain, on your way in to work or sat at home,¬†you are never more than a few taps away. Whenever you have a problem with your bike, load up the app, tap the part of your bike with […]

Designed to be easy to follow

Bike Doctor was created after a frustration with bike maintenance manuals that make it far more complicated to maintain your bike yourself, than it really is. We’ve written Bike Doctor in a way that even a complete beginner could follow the instructions. We’ve got pictures for each step and we’ve been careful to not skip out any important details. Basically, bike maintenance guides don’t come better than this.