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How we moved our users from our old app to our new one

The funny message we used to move Bike Doctor App in the app store

At the beginning of June we realised we had a problem. We needed to move our app from one account in the app store to another. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t include the facility to do so. Therefore, we needed a messy transition. Here’s how we went about doing it.

We released a new version of Bike Doctor in the app store. We called it Bike Doctor 2 and Apple didn’t seem to have any issue with this. The app had a similar icon, with a 2 added in the corner.

With the app in place and free to download, we issued an update to the first version of Bike Doctor. In there, we included in-app notifications to alert users to the need to get the new app.

We also added this message for when the user loads the app:

Bike Doctor as you know it is being retired. It’s off to live out the rest of its days playing bingo with the old folks, reminiscing about all the good times it spent on your iPhone. Fortunately, there’s a shiny new Bike Doctor to replace it. We’ve cleverly named it Bike Doctor 2. Great name right?

The good news is you can transition to the new app up until the 31st of July 2012 for free! After that we are going to have to start charging again so you need to be quick. So why the change? It’s because we need to setup the app on a new account on the app store.

Fortunately, this means we’ll be able to issue more frequent updates with extra repairs. To start with, we’ve added a new repair to Bike Doctor 2 and we’ll shortly be adding instructions to bleed disk brakes. We’re also working away behind the scenes to give it a 21st century makeover. To get the new version simply tap “Upgrade now”. See you in the new version!

We hoped that by using a light hearted message to users we’d be able to convince them to move over to the new app and not be too mad at us. After all, we understand it’s a bit of a pain!

We’ve also decided to extend the amount of time the app is available for free to download, as we release some users will take longer than others to update. Therefore, as opposed to the original 31st of July deadline, we’re leaving the new app free until the end of August.

So how is our method for moving users over to the new iPhone app working?

We’ve had a lot of updates to the old app. Over 7,199 in just under 2 weeks. However, it’s difficult to say how many of those users have actually opened the app and seen our update message. Alternatively, they may also have seen the message we left in the update text box.

Moving app in app store

In the graph above you can see the downloads of our new free app in blue. A very large percentage of them are from before we launched the update to the old Bike Doctor. Many of these users may have discovered the app as it topped the free category and in fact they may never have known about the old Bike Doctor.  You can see the updates to the original Bike Doctor in yellow. We can also see that it has positively effected downloads in the long run.

Despite our app no longer being featured by Apple or actively promoted through London Cyclist Blog, we’ve seen high levels of downloads.

It’s difficult to assess how many of our users have moved across. Since records began on App Figures, we’ve had 6,427 downloads of the original Bike Doctor. We’ve seen over 7,199 updates in the past two weeks. That’s encouraging. However, we don’t know of those how many have opened the app to see the important message.

For Bike Doctor 2 we’ve had 5,626 downloads in total since we launched three and a half weeks ago.

We are waiting and hoping our users will move across before we phase out the first edition of Bike Doctor.

I hope this is useful for any developers who are considering a similar move. The only thing I’d do differently, is include a tracking button in the update notification so that you can see how many people have tapped to move across to the new edition.

Bike Doctor 2.0 – get it while it’s hot!

We’ve got some pretty big news today. Bike Doctor 2.0 has been added to the App store. The original Bike Doctor is going to be retired at the end of this month. You need to search the app store for Bike Doctor 2 and get the new version while it is free to download!

Eh? Who? What? Why? When? Oh? Uh? Boing?

Yep, I know it’s a little confusing. Why not just update the old copy of Bike Doctor?

The old copy of Bike Doctor is on Ron Forresters App Store account. Ron no longer wishes to be part of Bike Doctor as he’s busy with a lot of other projects (That’s what happens when you are an awesome developer who is in demand).

Therefore, we need to move Bike Doctor out of his account and safely in to mine. Unfortunately, there isn’t a capability within the app store to simply transfer users over.

Hence why we’ve released a new version of the app that’ll be free for a few days only to give all our users a chance to move across. Then, we’ll be bumping the price back up to the normal level.

How do you get the new copy?

Search the app store for Bike Doctor 2 or follow this link:

Is this good news or bad news?

Good news! With the app in my account I’ll be able to issue really frequent updates. For a start I’ve got a target of hitting 40 repairs in Bike Doctor by August the 16th. My birthday!

Also, I’m going to be focusing on bringing a new design to Bike Doctor as I’m not a fan of the old one. The new look should be very cool and make you want to use the app to repair your bike more than ever!

What can I do to help?

That’s very nice of you! Please grab the new copy of Bike Doctor and leave a review in the app store.

When are the updates coming?

Well, my birthday is August the 16th, so by then we’ll have added a load more repairs. The new version already has instructions for how to prevent a puncture and we’ve got instructions for how to bleed disk brakes which we’ll be adding now and sending off to Apple for them to give it the thumbs up!

Get Bike Doctor 2.0 now while it’s free – thanks!

Bike Doctor voted best for fixing bike


We were voted “Best for fixing your bike” in London Cyclist magazine Xmas 2010.

Thanks guys! The text:

Few of us are organised enough (or we’re too much like weight weenies) to carry a maintenance manual in our panniers, but now you don’t have to. Using photos and text, this neat little app walks you through over 20 repairs. Most of them – such as truing a wheel or replacing disc brake pads – aren’t things you’d do in an emergency (punctures are an exception), but for under a couple of quid Bike Doctor is a mine of information for those days when your bike’s crocked and you’re stuck on the bus.

Let your friends know when you’ve successfully completed a repair: Bike Doctor can now Tweet your repair!

twitter-setup-bike-doctorWe’ve added Twitter support to Bike Doctor iPhone.

All you need to do to use it is update to the latest version from app store and then head to the settings screen to enter your Twitter details.

Once you’ve completed a repair (hitting done on the final screen) you will be prompted if you want to Tweet your repair.

We hope you like this new functionality and we’ll also look into adding it to the Android version.

Next up: More repairs!

Bike Doctor mentioned on TreeHugger and elsewhere!

We’re getting plenty of great coverage at the moment of Bike Doctor. Here’s a quick shoutout to the guys that are mentioning us..

bike-doctor-on-tree-hugerTree Hugger

If you find yourself stuck, facing a repair that you are not quite sure how to complete, help is instantly at hand:

"You load up the app. Tap the part of your bike with a problem and follow the step by step instructions. In under 10 minutes you’re good to go and you make it home in time, just before the rain starts coming down."

Read full: Mobile bike repair

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Bike Doctor Android

Our iPhone app has had over 5000 downloads. Now it’s the turn of Android!

device25 of the most common bike repairs in your pocket

Bike Doctor for the Android is launching with 24 repairs. We’ve already added a few more and disk brakes will be next.

  • The repairs that will save you money – such as cleaning and lubricating your bike
  • The repairs that you’ll inevitably have to do – such as puncture repairs (usually occur on rainy days in the middle of nowhere)
  • The repairs that you’ll be amazed you can do yourself – such as indexing gears


Easiest bike maintenance manual you’ll ever own

Bike Doctor not only costs a fraction of a bike maintenance book and is 1/8th of the size but it’s also easier to follow:

  • Clear colour pictures for every step
  • Short, jargon-free description of what to do


screenA bike mechanic in your pocket at all times

Because problems with bikes don’t just occur when you’re at home with easy access to the internet.


Save a ton of money as soon as you do your first repair

Even doing a simple repair such as fixing a puncture means you can save £10 – £20 on bike shop costs. On the more advanced repairs that figure is even higher. What will you spend the extra cash in your pocket on?


Good for beginners and professionals

Even the bike repair pro’s out there can occasionally forget a few repair details. This app is great for quick reference.


Grab the Android app now!

Just £2.99 ($4.78) – Simply search the Android Marketplace for Bike Doctor or use the qrCode below:


Of course there is also the iPhone version!

Replacing handlebar grips

I thought it may be useful to talk through one of the repairs in the app and show how useful it is. So here is the replacing the handlebar grips repair that is one I’m sure everyone during their course of cycling will have to do at some stage. This is because old grips fade out, start to look cheap and come off in your hands. New grips can provide better comfort, grip and style. Additionally they are a cheap upgrade so possible for anyone to do.

Here is the YouTube:

Note: I’ve also posted the replacing handlebar grips video on London Cyclist.